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Neoprene gloves

diving glove

The most popular use for gloves is as an article of clothing which will keep the fingers warm. Although it is the most popular there are many other uses for gloves and specifically we will be reviewing Neoprene Gloves. While you may be thinking how many different uses are there for gloves made form Neoprene, well let’s take a look shall we. Some popular uses for Neoprene gloves are fishing, weight lifting, shooting, diving, food handlers, laboratory workers, cycling and hiking.

Above are just a few industries that are utilizing the benefits that come with these types of gloves. Neoprene is a DuPont product which also produces other high performance materials such as Kevlar. Essential it is a form of synthetic rubber which has many positive attributes. Neoprene gloves posses qualities such as it’s stretchable, water resistant, resistant to chemical, damage from the sun, abrasion, punctures and tears. It is for these reasons that it is also great for other uses such as wetsuits etc.

Neoprene Fishing Gloves

Neoprene gloves, fishing and diving go hand in hand for obvious reasons. These types of gloves are puncture proof, tear proof and abrasion proof. These traits make them ideal to use as fishing gloves. Other materials such as Kevlar are also used as fishing glove due the same benefits. So when you’re trying to cut up that piece of bait or you would love to have some filleted fish for dinner these types of gloves will protect you from any type of wound.

Neoprene Fingerless Gloves

Although Neoprene fingerless gloves have the same traits as we have already spoken about, they do leave you open to slicing the tip of you fingers. However the reason that Neoprene Fingerless Gloves exist is for the more delicate and fiddly jobs that need to be performed. Due to the safety precautions I would not recommend any type of cutting or chopping action unless you are a complete professional.

Neoprene Weightlifting Gloves

Neoprene weight lifting gloves is one of those occasions where using fingerless neoprene gloves are acceptable and widely used around the world. The reason this type of material is preferred among weight lifters is because the material that was previously used was leather. When leather is subject to body sweat for to long it shrinks and this is defiantly not a desired affect. So the plus side to Neoprene weightlifting gloves is that it does not absorb moisture and there for will not shrink. It is also a very sturdy material and will not weather as fast as leather and other material.

Neoprene Shooting Gloves

A lot of professional shooters prefer Neoprene shooting gloves as there glove of choice when shopping for he right type of shooting glove made form Neoprene you need to make sure you know what your looking for. Are you searching for black Neoprene gloves? Would you like the fingerless shooting gloves? Or maybe you are concerned bout the thickness as you need to be able to feel the trigger when shooting. These are all aspect with you keep in mind it this is your specific choice of glove.

Neoprene Diving Gloves

When professional divers have jobs they have to perform Neoprene gloves are a perfect choice for their tasks. Being under water when tying to cut or maybe they are spear fishermen Neoprene diving gloves will come in handy due to its ability to withstand cuts and nicks. Also many wetsuits are made from this material due to the fact that neoprene does not absorb water very well keeping the divers ands dry.

Neoprene Cycling Gloves

The basic idea behind Neoprene cycling gloves is that you would want your hands to stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot. This is exactly what Neoprene gloves do. The cycling glove you are looking for should have non slip pads on the palm of the hand for maximum grip while riding. Also make sure you get the right size, it can be quite annoying having a pair of riding gloves that just don’t fit right.

So there you have it we have found just a few areas where you will find Neoprene glove product used In the field. This is not to say they are the only ones, in fact they are widely used all around the world in different way. I hope that we have helped you find the right type of gloves made from Neoprene and that this site will guide you on your journey in buying them.

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