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How to Choose an MMA Rash Guard

A Mixed Martial Arts rash guard is a type of athletic shirt made primarily of nylon and spandex, but can also be made out of other fast-drying materials. Rash guards come in short and long sleeve, relaxed or tight fit. Rash guards were originally used in water sports, such as canoeing, surfing and wake boarding, but have evolved into the choice of clothing for fighters competing in mixed martial arts.

Be aware that wearing a mixed martial arts rash guard is not mandatory. However, a t-shirt can rip, stretch and eventually get soaked from your own sweat, making it uncomfortable to train. By wearing a rash guard, which is made specifically to repel water, it can make your MMA training a more enjoyable experience.

Some rash guards are designed to keep body heat in; these are made for people who participate in water sports and those who play outdoor sports in cold climates. When choosing a mixed martial arts rash guard, your goal is to look for a rash guard that will keep you cool. Since there are plenty of rash guards available in the market today, it is best to buy from a reputable company that sells MMA gear. You can also check the label and see if the rash guard is designed for mixed martial arts.

As stated above, mixed martial arts rash guards are made with synthetic fabrics. The best material to choose is nylon because it has been proven to repel sweat and the main reason why MMA gear manufacturers use it to produce rash guards. Rash guards are designed to hug the body, but semi-loose rash guards are also available. Most MMA fighters wear rash guards skintight to promote flexibility during a rigorous training or match. Wearing a mixed martial arts rash guard is not just about fashion – it can protect your skin from cuts and infections. Compared to t-shirts and other loose clothing, rash guards are hard to grab by your competitors.

Choosing between a long-sleeved or short-sleeved rash guard depends on personal preference, but short-sleeved rash guards can keep your body cooler, while long-sleeved variations add more protection to the skin, preventing infections such as ringworm. Some rash guards come with an official MMA sponsor logo. If you choose a mixed martial arts rash guard with a logo, make sure to check if the logo is sublimated or pressed into the rash guard permanently. This is important because non-sublimated logos tend to peel off after constant use and washing.

Mixed martial arts can be a competitive game. By wearing a rash guard designed specifically for the sport, your skin is always kept cool and free from infections or bruises.

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