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For Cotton/lycra Rash Guard

We are Cotton/lycra Rash Guard manufacture for near 9 years and have enough experience to ensure the goods for you are in top quality

Let us talk more about the Cotton/lycra Rash Guard

A rash guard, also known as rash vest or rashie, is a type of athletic shirt made of spandex and nylon or polyester. Rash guards are used for light coverage in warm to extreme summer temperatures for several watersports including surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, wakeboarding, body surfing, body boarding, windsurfing and kayaking. People who are uncomfortable without a shirt will sometimes wear rash guards while swimming.

Rash guards are most often worn in surfing when the weather is too warm for a wetsuit, and to prevent wax-based chafing from sliding on and off of the surf board. The board's wax holds sand from the beach that would rub against the surfer's torsos as they paddled out to the break. Rash guards also offer some protection from the sun and slight protection against jelly fish stings and are sometimes worn under wetsuits to prevent chafing. Some rash guards offer Ultraviolet Protection Factor to protect against the rays of the sun. A rash guard helps to prevent irritation caused by rapid impact with surface water and waves as well.

Rash guards are thought to have originated in Australia,[citation needed] where they are commonly referred to as "rashies" or "rashys." Variations of the rash guard have made their way into many other sports including baseball, American football, water polo, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and football.

Other important components of a rash guard include flatlock stitching, and six panel construction. Flatlock stitching creates a seam where the seam allowances lies flat to the garment instead of hanging loose from it. It is made by adjusting the overlock or the thread overedge stitch. Flatlock stitching increases the strength of the garment for intense exercise or recreational activities. Six panel construction versus the conventional 4 panel tee shirt construction enables the user increased mobility wet or dry.

The combination of products used to construct a rash guard differ slightly depending on the designer. The use of nylon and spandex create a garment that is lightweight, quick drying, flexible, durable, naturally antibacterial and water wicking, thereby, increasing liquid peace.

Swim shirts
Swim shirts are relatively new to the consumer market, but are growing in popularity. They are generally more loose fitting and casually worn. Their primary purpose is to offer an alternative to sunscreen to protect the wearer's skin from the sun's UV radiation and possible skin cancer. Many swim shirts carry a UPF rating of 50+, which blocks out over 98% of the sun’s harmful rays. Swim shirts were created as an alternative to sunscreen and other forms of sun protection. Many people find that sunscreen isn’t always enough; it is often not used correctly and some have skin allergies or sensitivities to chemicals that sunscreens can contain. Although the name implies water sports, people use swim shirts for an array of activities: swimming, boating, golfing, tennis, gardening, playing in the sprinklers, water parks, beach trips, pool play, rivers and lakes, water skiing, surfing, snow skiing, sledding, skimboarding, and even in martial arts (to protect from practitioners rashes caused by the gi).

Cotton/lycra Rash Guard category

The Cotton/lycra Rash Guard could be divided into two kinds according to rash guard material
First Cotton/Spandex rash guard

Each kinds could be divided into three kinds again according to rash guard sleeve, long sleeve rash guard,mid-length sleeve rash guard,short sleeve rash guard

The Cotton content and spandex content would affect the quanlity of the final rash guard
For cotton,there are 35%cotton+65polyester,65%cotton+35%polyester,100%cotton,actually,we could produce any content according to your requirement.
The precondition is your order is enough big
The cotton content high,you would feel the rash guard very soft,fine,the cotton price is high than polyester,but the polyester would touch hard,coarse
Even the cotton would have the difference itself,we would provide you the fabric for your confirm firstly
If your order is very urgent,and do not want to pay for the express cost,we would use the standard fabric to produce for you
Generally we recommand to use 95%pure cotton+5%spandex for cotton rash guard

Second Lycra rash guard
Lycra rash guard material generally have three kinds
1>85%polyester +15%spandex rash guard
called polyester lycra,stretchability is not well,when you touch it by hand,feels not well
2>83%nylon+17%spandex rash guard
called bright lycra rash guard,the stretchability is good,when you touch it by hand,feels well,it is the common lycra material
3>83%nylon+17%spandex +further proceeding rash guard
called dim lycra rash guard,the further proceeding make the bright lycra rash guard feels more smooth than original bright lycra rash guard,but also cancel it"s bright ability,keep the same stretchability Lycra rash guard LOGO
4>83%nylon+17%spandex rash guard laminated warmer fabric

We use special ink print,sublimation,digital print and wet print way for rash guard logo,they are all stable,but sublimation,digital print and wet print logo are more durable than special ink print,not mention to silk print and heattrasfer logo rash guard vestlycra rash guard shirt

For lycra rash guard sewing
Generally rash guard use flat stitching,called eight stitching too

For lycra rash guard UV50+

we could make proceeding to achieve this standard

For lycra/cotton rash guard size chart

Generally we can divided the size into three kinds, universal size,man size,women size,there are also Europ size and USA size, different customer would require different size according to their real needs.It is better if you could provide your real size spec with order quantity to us before we make the quotation,because we could calculate the material spent to make the more accurate quotation based on your more details

You could download size chart on FAQ page and take it for your kind reference

The common package for lycra/cotton rash guard is 1pcs/polybag,50pcs/CTN,CTN size:48x28x40cm,G.W/N.W :11KG/10KG

lycra/cotton rash guard leadtime:30days

You may ask,whether your lycra/cotton rash guard quanlity is good,the logo is correct,the service is good
We have engaged in this field for 9 years,have the strict quality control system
The pre-production sample would be submitted to you for confirm after get your orders
The good service is the base for long and stable business,we cherise any of the customer

If you have any more question,plz do not hesitate to contact with us

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