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More information about neoprene can cooler

Most of our new customer would send us an inquire,hi,plz give me an neoprene can cooler price of stylxx

Actually,we calculate it is price based on size spec,neoprene thickness,fabric laminated on neoprene,the bottom type,the style,the order quantity,the logo,may be we need label,package,delivery time to get correct price.In a word,the more you provide us,the more accurate information you could get.

We now talk about the factor above which affect the final price step by step

1. size spec

:inner/outer diamater*height(cm),we could calculate how many material it used

2.fabric laminated on neoprene

1)Generally we use single color nylon fabric and polyester fabric for neoprene cooler,most neoprene can cooler use polyster calledt-cloth,nylon fabric is stable than polyester,but the price is high than polyester.99.9%customer choose polyester fabric for neoprene can cooler

neoprene collapse can cooler

The above style is neoprene collapse can cooler,single blue color,polyester fabric outer sides, 3mmthickness sbr neoprene

neoprene stubby cooler

2)This is camo neoprene can cooler,we need to open camo mould and dye color
The order quantity is 5000pcs at least,it is economic way to use our avaliable camo fabric
But you know,some kind camo we do not have,such as pink camo,because little customer want this style camo,so we have no stock, no mould cost

3)Outer side pvc material

the following style are pvc can cooler,some customer call them basketball can cooler and football can cooler

football can cooler basketball can cooler

4)grass can cooler,grass bottle cooler

the grass material is a special material,we have produced them for many big orders

grass can cooler grass bottle cooler

5)foam can cooler

Foam can cooler made on foam material,size is about D8.5cm*H10cm ,8mm thickness Do not need sewing, all the seams are joined by glue,1cm thickness,it seems ugly,but really could keep can temperature

foam can cooler foam can cooler

3.the bottom type

1)jointed bottom

neoprene collapse can cooler

This style bottom neoprene collapse can cooler could be easily made because we only need to cut 1 piece material and then sewing them

2)glued bottom

neoprene stubby can holder

This style neoprene stubby can holder need to cut 1pcs wall material +1pcs cycle bottom, and use glue to join them,we may need to cut two time,may waste more material,need sewing+glue,so this style style bottom neoprene can cooler price is high than jointed bottom neoprene can cooler

3)No bottom

no bottom neoprene can coolerno bottom neoprene can cooler

one style is sewing side,another is magic sticker side,these two style are all no bottom neoprene can cooler

At least,if you want to keep the temerature,I suggest you choose glued bottom neoprene can cooler with more than 4mm thickness neoprene,because jointed bottom neoprene can cooler have two big hole

5.order quantity

Mum,if you order 100pcs neoprene can cooler,I could produce it,But you know,some cost is the same,if order quantity is too small,the avarage cost is high,so plz do not be suprised if you get a high price

Some customer say,I want 10 pcs red,20pcs blue, 30pcs white,40pcs black,total 100pcs,can you make it?Okay,I could make it,but the price would be very high

generally we devide logo method into sublimation and silkscreen print
Sublimation logo and heattransfer logo
the cost is influenced by size,so you need to let me know size
Silkscreen print
the cost is influenced by size and color,so you need to let me know how may color you want and the size of logo
Actually there are many kinds of sublimation and silk screen print,but it is simple for neoprene surface logo
If you have any question or requirement,plz contact with us,we would reply you asap

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