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Neoprene cycling glove

Considering the vast majority of winter cycling gloves are fully waterproof. The Neoprene's acknowledge that you're hands are going to get soaking wet but work at being completely windproof and keeping your hands warm.

It really works as well. On long soaking rides, your hands will get wet but they'll never feel uncomfortable or cold - crucially you'll always feel as if you've got complete control. In my bike riding infancy unsuitable gloves have left my hands in agony, before completely numbing them.

That just won't happen with these.

The only slight downside, is that the wetsuit feel inside is hard to get used to if you're used to traditional cycling gloves. It doesn't take long to get used to the rubbery wetsuity feel though.

If my seal of recommendation isn't good enough (and with my pathetic circulation and constantly cold hands, it should be), checkout the peloton next time it hammers down.

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