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Neoprene camo fishing wader
We discuss about camo fly chest hunting fishing wader today
Sort of Neoprene fishing wader
Generally we could divided neoprene fishing wader into camo fishing wader and single color fishing wader
The camo one cost is high than single color one,for the reason of dying cost of outer fabric
neoprene camo fishing waderneoprene camo fishing wader
Neoprene camo fishing wader material
Neoprene camo fishing wader is generally made of 4-5mm thickness neoprene laminated nylon fabric on double sides
In china, the neoprene could being divided into three kinds, CR neoprene, SCR neoprene, SBR neoprene
The neoprene used for Neoprene camo fishing wader mostly use SBR neoprene, the reason is for the balance of stretchability and cost.
Neoprene camo fishing wader sewing way
The Neoprene camo fishing wader have the sewing seam, how the Neoprene camo fishing wader protect from leaking water?
Generally we use blind stitch + melt tape sewing way
The blind stitch + melt tape have the good waterproof ability,we make all the neoprene fishing wader in this way
melt tape
The melt tape is one kind of polyester material, have a little stretchability, but very stable
The blind stitch avoid the water leak in to inside of wader along the sewing holes
Neoprene wader boot

neoprene rubber bootsneoprene chest wader

neoprene rubber boots

neoprene rubber boots
Neoprene camo fishing wader have many kinds of boot for choosen,we we generally choose sulfured rubber boot with moulded sole
The rubber boot which is sulfured have the good ability on aging,cracking,heat resistance than un-sulfured rubber boot
The rubber boot sole have another choose-felt sole, but the cost is high than mould sole

The hanging band use 5*18CM good quality magic sticker
neoprene fishing wader overlocking

magic sticker

Other details, you could check the following photos
The chest pocket size is about 26*23CM

neoprene fishing wader pocket

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