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How to put on a diving suifing wetsuit

Sometimes people encounter difficulties whilst putting a diving suifing wetsuit on. To understand why this happens, we need to look at the differences in the way a diving suifing wetsuit and clothing varies. Our clothing hangs on our bodies and touches at certain points making casual contact at others. Shirts, blouses, and jackets hang from our neck and shoulders and usually hang away from our bodies in most other areas. Pants and skirts are drawn about our waist and often hang loose around our legs. There are a few exceptions and some people do wear tight clothing. Lycra is much like a very thin diving suifing wetsuit. diving suifing wetsuits differ greatly from this loose hanging concept. A properly fitting diving suifing wetsuit will make contact over most of the area it covers, leaving as little space as possible between it and your skin. The less space, the less room there is for water to enter and carry away your body heat. Water will find spaces where the diving suifing wetsuit does not follow the contours of your body and this will cause the body to cool. You will then use energy warming these areas which will leave less energy to do your activity. Not every one can be a perfect "off the shelf" fit and children in particular will have a suit that may be a little loose here and there. These spaces can be filled in with clothing such as T or sweat shirts. Whilst not ideal, it is a solution. Water cannot enter a space that has already been filled.

The closer fit and stretchiness of neoprene, makes it more resistant to sliding on your arms and legs. This often results in people getting their suits on but not pulled up in vital areas. This throws off the fit for the rest of the body. This is the usual reason that most people believe their suit does not fit. This problem is often worse for women as their different proportions makes it harder for them to get comfortable unless the suit is worn properly.
Fortunately, there is an easy way to make sure your suit fits properly but you cannot grab hold of the suit and expect your foot to slide through like a pair of trousers. All you have to do is pull it up at various times as you put it on.
1) Once over the ankles pull the legs up to the thighs, then remove any folds by pulling on the shins to move the ankle into position.
2) Then pull on the knee to move the shin area and then pull on the thigh to put the knee pads in position.
3) As you pull it up over your thighs, make sure it is pulled up snugly into the crotch. If your crotch area is sagging, the suit will feel too tight at the shoulders and chest and you are going to be uncomfortable.
4) At this point many people will insist the suit is too small but it probably isn't. As you pull the sleeves on, be sure to pull them up, once over the wrists and on your lower arms, the same way you did with the leg.
5) Once on, make sure the armpit area is pulled up snug, similar to the crotch. If not, your chest area is likely to feel cramped from the bunching of the excess material along your arms and from the pull on top of your shoulders and across the back. Having said that diving suifing wetsuits are made with extra material under the arms to allow for free movement when doing your sport, be it surfing, windsurfing, sailing etc. This extra material can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable when you lower the arm and notice the fold of the neoprene, but don't worry, you won't notice it when using the suit.
6) Pull the zip up and secure any Velcro fastenings.
7) Get wet.

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