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A proper way to put on my diving surfing wet suit

Follow these steps when putting on your diving surfing wet suit:

Step into the diving surfing wet suit and pull the suit up to waist level. Bend down and adjust the legs. Smooth out any wrinkles and work any excess material up the leg towards the crotch or hip.
Now that the legs are looking good. Pull the suit up to your armpits. Again, take the time to smooth out any wrinkles or folds in the material by working them up towards your chest.
Put your right arm into the sleeve and up around your right shoulder.
Repeat with your left arm and shoulder.
Smooth out wrinkles and folds in each arm by working them up towards the shoulder.
If it is a standard back zip diving surfing wet suit, reach behind your lower back and feel for the zipper pull string. Grab the zipper pull and GENTLY pull zipper up towards your neck. If the zipper snags material, pull zipper back down and repeat. DO NOT FORCE ZIPPER UP! These can lead to broken zippers, broken zipper heads, etc.
Once zipper is completely up, fold the Velcro flap across the neck and secure. Make sure that the flap is flush against the neck and flat. Also, make sure the flap is secure, you definitely do not want cold water rushing in and down your back!
You are finished. Move your arms and legs, bend over and stretch. This will allow any other excess wrinkles to unfold. Now go get them!

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