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Can you wash diving surfing wet suit in washing machines?

It's better if you don't but then again, if you follow these few tips there will probably be no harm in washing your diving surfing wet suit in a washing machine once in a white:
1. no detergent, one made for washing clothes is much to strong for neoprene,
2. only lukewarm water, set your washing machine to the lowest temperature possible,
3. choose a wash cycle for delicate clothes,
4. no spin cycle, take the wet diving surfing wet suit out of the washing machine and dry it outside,
5. and of course - if you also have a drier - don't use it!
You mostly do this when you own a lot of diving surfing wet suits - like when you run a surf school or a surf shop that rents diving surfing wet suits and diving surfing wet suits are worn by many different people so it is more important to keep them clean than to keep them in top shape. Thing that are for rent will fall apart soon, anyway machine washing or not.


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