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Unused diving surfing wet suit stored in the closet question

Customer: My diving surfing wet suit has been hanging on a hanger at the back of my closet (dark and dry) but I have not worn it in three years. Do I need to do anything before putting on? soak in water? put wax on? I'm afraid of the non use the neoprene could crack. help. thanks :)

Not really, I mean - a diving surfing wet suit that was stored away for a long time in a dry place will get really dry and a bit stiffer because of that, but only until you take it in the water. It will also become a little bit stiffer because of the age, but since you had it in a dark place away from the sunlight I think that should also be minimal. You can soak it if you want but I don't think this is necessary. Also - I hope you used a wide hanger - otherwise there could be some hanger indentation on the diving surfing wet suits shoulders and if there are there is really not much you can do. Also, I think it's about time you use your diving surfing wet suit again :)!

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